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OEM and ODM Service

Thinking of selling your own brands? Feeling headache when starting up your own brand? No worries, we can help you and it's easy.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and ODM (original design manufacturer) products are great ways for you to buy high quality goods that fewer people will stock. You will be able to customize the products that you purchase and then sell to your customers. Both ways you will promote your own brand and build customer loyalties.

We can help you to modify certain apsects of the products to meet your design specifications. If we have some unbranded products that catch your eyes, you can send us requirements to see if we can do OEM or ODM for you.

Most of our listed products are capable of being modified, and ideal for those looking to make a simple startup of his OEM products. For larger clients who have more specific product and design specifications, they can take advantage of our ODM services to fully meet their needs.

For those who are looking to take full advantage of these services please be aware that you will need to provide us with as much information as possible. By doing so, we can then ensure the highest possible degree of accuracy. Things that you will need to take into account when briefing us for OEM and ODM services will include parameters such as:

1. Your Own Brand Name
2. Your Own Model No.
3. Packaging Re-design
4. Hardware Modification 
5. Software/firmware Requirements 
6. OSD logo or Logo silk printing
7. User Manuals in Your Name
8. Service Center List or QC Pass Card
9. Other Printed Materials 


You will also be able to request samples or pictures for pre-designed OEM products. This is very straightforward. Simply let us know the model number of the product you are interested in and ensure that you provide us with further instructions regarding modifications.