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Point and Reward System Information

Point and Reward System, and Refer a Friend Program


Point and Reward System



1.What is Point and Reward System (PNR)?

 Aiming to improve customer loyalty, we have installed the Points & Rewards system as well as the referral program. Points can be awarded automatically for making purchases, reviewing products, inviting friends or carrying out any other admin-specified action. Later these points can be redeemed for discounts.

 2.How can I earn points?

Customers can earn points for below activities. 

1. Account Registration
2. Newsletter signup
3. Reviewing products
4. Tagging products
5. Participating in Polls
6. Facebook Like
7. Customer’s Birthday
8. Inviting a friend
9. First purchases that referred friends make


1) We may add or delete the above list item at any time, and without notice.

2) The points rewarded for each of the above activities may change without notice.


3.What is the rules?

a) Points for purchases are calculated based on tax-exclusive prices.

b) Points will be canceled for order canceled or refunded.

c) Minimum reward points balance to be available to redeem is 10 points

d) Maximum available points balance is 2000 points

e) Points will expire after 90 days

Note: the above rules may be changed any time without notice.


4.Where can I see how many points I have earned?

By logging into your account, you will see the point and reward section, all history record is available.


5.How can I spend the points?

When checkout, you can find a section where you can use the points to discount from the total value of the order. Input the points that you want to redeem and click apply.


6.How much value is one point?

The value of “one” point may change anytime, but currently one point equals to $0.1 when you ‘spend’ it.


Refer a Friend Prorgam



1. What is Refer a Friend Program

In order to increase sales, we value customers's shopping experiences. A program of "Refer a Friend" is used to reward customers that introduce our website to their friends.

2. How will I be rewarded for referring a friend?

Curently referer can be rewarded for the following activitieis: (Rules may be changed at anytime without notice)

1) For the referral's account signup at our website. (Currently reward $2 for two signups)

2) For the first two purchases of the referral, referrer will be rewarded for $2 for every $50 purchase.

3. How can I redeem or cancel the rewarded value?

Customers can redeem it when checkout. There is a box of rewarded value under section of "Refer a Friend". Put the value you want to redeem this time, and click apply to deduct the shopping cart value. After applying the rewarded value, customers can click cancel to remove the discount.

4. Where can I find the transaction history of the rewarded value from "Refer a Friend"?

When you login to your account, on the left-side bar there is a tab called "Refer a Friend", you can find all information here.